reat Houses of the Dalanti

Great Houses

Here are the Great Houses and factions of the Dalanti with their animal symbols and colors:

* While officially the spider is still the heraldric animal symbol of Antracit'us, many gypsies of this house prefer to avoid use of this symbol due to its connection with the Spider Queen. In its place, most Antracit'usians use the symbol of a sun to represent their allegiance to the Order of the Sun.

There are also lesser houses, started by the families of servants that followed Dalanto into the wilds or by small branches of families that broke with their Great House's allegiances, that tend to associate themselves with one of the Great Houses and wear its color or a variation thereof. They have, in most cases, married into the Great Houses and often individuals from these houses use two last names, the lesser house name and the name of the Great House with which they associate.