ine Guilds

The Nine Guilds of Dalantia form an organizational structure parallel to and separate from the Dalantian Great Houses. Each guild has its own internal government.


At age nine, Dalantian children enter their apprenticeship. Each child will spend one year apprenticing to each of the Nine Guilds. At the end of this term of apprenticeship, the Dalanti will choose the role which he or she will fill. Then, he or she will join the guild which represents that duty or which will help him or her achieve his or her goals. The Dalanti will apprentice to that guild for a period of at least one year, after which he or she, with approval of the guild, may elect to become a journeyman or may choose to leave the guild to apprentice to another. Adult Dalanti always belong to at least one guild and may be members of several guilds.


Before the Great Deception, each of the Great Houses had its own guild structure and was responsible for training its own members, though some Dalanti would apprentice in allied houses, but after that fateful event, the Council of Elders established the guilds separate from familial control to advance the entire race.

The Guilds

There are nine major guilds, but there are also some minor guilds and partnerships, such as the Clothiers' Partnership and the Monster Eradication and Abolishment Team. However, these generally fall under the scope of one or more of the Nine Guilds.

Swordmasters' Guild

Responsible for the training of warriors, the Swordmasters' Guild also forms guard and police forces in each major town to protect the citizens.

Mining Guild

The Mining Guild operates the gem mines which are so valued by the Dalanti as well as the mines which produce ores of iron and precious metals. A subsidiary of the Mining Guild, the Jewelcrafters' Guild trains jewelers, which is an honored trade among the wealth-loving Dalanti.

Smithing Guild

The Smithing Guild teaches armorsmiths and weaponsmiths as well as woodsmiths who craft structures and furniture.

Alchemists' Guild

The Alchemists' Guild is responsible for teaching young Dalanti in the ways of crafting poisons and curatives.

Healers' Guild

The Healers' Guild teaches the healing arts, including first aid, Earth Magic, and potion making.

Sorcerers' Guild

Celestial scholars apprentice to the Sorcerers' Guild to further their knowledge of magic. This guild is also responsible for recording and relaying information about the history of Dalantia.

Herders' and Farmers' Guild

The herders and farmers have formed a union responsible for raising herd animals and crops.

Brewers' Guild

The Brewers not only produce the wine, beer, and hooch that the Dalanti love, but they also run the taverns, bars, and inns of Dalantia.

Hunters' and Trappers' Guild

The hunters and trappers provide food and furs to the populace. They also help the Swordmasters' Guild provide protection from roaming monsters and beasts. In addition, they train archers and operate the Clothiers' Partnership in conjunction with the Herders' and Farmers' Guild.